Holding Good Dirt house plants

Good Dirt is a national gardening lifestyle brand. Their flagship products (Good Dirt Potting Mix and Soil Conditioner) defy convention by adding a spark of creativity to normally utilitarian purchases.

I've worked with Good Dirt since their infancy, helping name the brand. Since then, I've worked on everything from brand identity (visual and written) and packaging design. I even hopped on a plane and helped them sell soil at the IGC Tradeshow. Talk about getting your hands dirty!


  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Copywriting
  • Packaging Design
  • Temporary Booth Boy


  • Nick Romanos
  • Laurel Scherer
  • Jim McClure
  • Sarah Simon
Good Dirt Indoor Potting Mix packaging designGood Dirt Plant Nutrition Label Design

Good Dirt is now available in all US Target stores.

Startup life isn't easy, especially when your product is innovative in a space that isn't known for pushing envelopes. During its first production run some independent garden centers ordered Good Dirt and found their older clientele were more inclined to stick to the "cheap stuff in the yellow bag."

We went back to the drawing board, (literally), and brought in an amazing illustrator in Sarah Simon, @themintgardener. Together, we developed a minimal watercolor aesthetic for the second generation packaging that helped Good Dirt find some real footing in small specialty plant shops.

This momentum would eventually lead to an agreement with Target to try Good Dirt as a seasonal product in 1200 of their stores in 2019. Suffice to say, that effort was a success as Good Dirt soil and plant nutrition became available at all US Targets during the Spring season of 2020.

Good Dirt plant nutrition packaging design
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