Hello buddy.

My large square head holds many hats at Status Forward, where I serve as creative director and resident StoryBrand Certified Guide. I'm a husband, dad, soccer coach, and an Enneagram 7.

I believe that "human-centered design" is inseparably tied to writing and tone. Nothing says "fake" like a big blob of over-serious, polished turd copy, accompanied by a nice, crisp stock photo.

Be kind, have fun, and throw in a bad word here or there. A little lightheartedness goes a long way.

Holler at me

Nick Romanos headshot

Things I'm good at

Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Art Direction
UX/UI Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Workshop Facilitation
Brand Naming
Positioning Research
Identifying new business opportunities
Direct, uncruel feedback
Speaking in plain English with clients

Things I wish I was better at

Super-clean Webflow builds
Interpreting analytics
LinkedIn thought pieces
Belly breathing