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When Avenue M changed ownership, they wanted to inject creative life into the cuisine. Simultaneously, they wanted to make sure their new look wouldn't alienate loyal customers. They hired Status Forward to design a new website that was a bit more stylish without feeling pretentious. I think we pulled it off.

Having used Webflow for years as a prototyping tool, Avenue M was the first site I ever built and launched using their CMS. Turns out, it's amazing for managing restaurant menus.


  • Creative Direction
  • Web Design
  • Copywriting


  • Nick Romanos
  • Bren Photography
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Webflow kicks ass for restaurants

The Webflow CMS definitely has its limitations, but I've found it to be an amazing solution for restaurants. The Avenue M staff has been able to successfully manage menu updates using the system I set up since day one with very minimal support.

This system has been a colossal improvement over how it was previously managed through WordPress.

This is so critical to businesses like Avenue M who take pride in their craft and are constantly inventing and experimenting with new offerings.

Avenue M  food menu
Avenue M  CMS setup