Westmoreland & Scully

Creative Direction, Web Design, Menu Design, writing

Brand Overview

Westmoreland & Scully is an Asheville-based hospitality group that operates two of the area's top culinary destinations: The Corner Kitchen and Chestnut. Their unpretentious approach to creative cuisine delights patrons of all walks of life.

My Contributions

Since 2015, I've worked with W&S to redesign both restaurants' websites and print menus. Along the way, we've worked to develop an intentional identity for the Westmoreland & Scully umbrella brand.

Corner Kitchen and Chestnut continue to thrive as two of Asheville's highest-rated restaurants.

Consistent excellence is difficult to achieve in any professional endeavor. With high turnover and a constant influx of exciting new options, there are numerous reasons why opening a restaurant is risky business.

Over the past 15+ years, Westmoreland and Scully have built a cornerstone hospitality brand in Asheville through creativity and a genuine concern for the community with events like "Cheers for a Cause'". Corner Kitchen and Chestnut are both beautiful restaurants with timeless aesthetics that exude love in every detail. From their unique websites to their wait staff, every brand touchpoint is designed to delight the customer.

It has been a joy helping W&S build consistency in their restaurants' visual identities, both online and in print.